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Appendixes of The Companion Bible  by Dr. E.W. Bullinger

1.    The Structure of the Books of the Old Testament according to the Hebrew Canon

2.    Genesis the Foundation of the Divine Revelation

3.    Genesis finds its Complement in the Apocalypse

4.    The Divine Names and Titles

5.    Creation versus Evolution

6.    Figures of Speech

7.    Italic Type in the Revised Version

8.    The so-called "Creation Tablets"

9.    The Usage of the Word RUACH (Spirit)

10.  The Spiritual Significance of Numbers

11.  The Use of the Word "DAY" in Genesis 1

12.  "The Stars also" (Gen. 1:16)

13.  The Usage of the Word NEPHESH (Soul)

14.  The Synonymous Words used for "MAN"

15.  Laws before Sinai

16.  The Occurrences of "NESHAMAH' (breath) (Gen. 2:7)

17.  The Genitive Case

18.  "In The Day" (Gen. 2:17)

19.  The Serpent of Gen. 3

20.  The Posterity of Cain

21.  ENOS:  Gen. 4:26 ("calling on the Name of the Lord")

22.  The Chronology of the Patriarchs (Antediluvian)

23.  "The Sons of God" in Gen. 6:2, 4

24.  The 120 Years of Gen. 6:3

25.  The '"NEPHILIM" of Gen. 6

26.  Noah "PERFECT' (Gen. 6:9)

27.  The Synonymous Words used for "WINE"

28.  Nimrod (Gen. 10:8, 9 1 Chron. 1:10)

29.  The Generations of Terah (including those of Isaac and Jacob)


31.  The Fifteen Extraordinary Points of the Sopherim (Gen. 16:5)

32.  The 134 Passages Where the Sopherim Altered “Jehovah” To “Adonai”

33.  The “Eighteen Emendations” of The Sopherim

34.  The Readings called Severin

35.  SHEOL (Gen. 49:18)

36.  "Thy Salvation" (Gen. 49:18)

37.  The Pharaohs of Genesis and Exodus

38.  "LEAVEN"




42.  The ASHERAH


44.  The Synonymous Words for "SIN", "TRESPASS", "INIQUITY", &c

45.  The Order and Groupings of the Twelve Tribes

46.  DEUTERONOMY:  References to the Book in New Testament

47.  "The Book of The Law"

48.  The Use of Various Types in the English Bible:  A.V. and R.V.

49.  "The Man of God" (Deut. 33:1)

50.  Chronological Charts

51.  Money and Coins, Weights and Measures

52.  Proper Names

53.  The Sieges of Jerusalem

54.  The Moabite Stone

55.  The Dynasty of Omri

56.  The Parallel Passages in the Historical Books

57.  The Genealogy of the Persian Kings

58.  A Harmony of the Ezra-Nehemiah History

59.  The Twelve Gates of Jerusalem

60.  The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther

61.  Quotations from the Book of Job in the Bible

62.  The Septuagint Ending for the Book of Job

63.  The Book of Psalms. Miscellaneous Phenomena

64.  "To the chief Musician"

65.  The Psalm Titles and the Words employed in them

66.  Hebrew Words in the Text of the Psalms.  I. Higgaion,  II. Selah

67.  The Songs of the Degrees

68.  Zion

69.  TRUST.  Synonymous Words for "TRUST"

70.  Psalm 15  and The Sermon on the Mount

71.  "The Sufferings, and the Glory"

72.  The Parenthesis of the Present Dispensation

73.  The Ten Words of Psalm 119

74.  The Book of Proverbs:  Introduction and Analysis

75.  Special Passages in the Book of Proverbs acquiring New Light

76.  Supposed "LATER" Hebrew Words in Ecclesiastes

77.  The Chronological Order of the Prophets

78.  The Inter-Relation of the Prophetic Books

79.  ISAIAH.  The Evidences for One Authorship

80.  ISAIAH.  Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament

81.  The "ALTAR to Jehovah in the Land of Egypt" (Isa. 19:19)

82.  The FORMULAE of Prophetic Utterance (illustrating Isa. 34 and 35)

83.  JEREMIAH.  The Chronological Order of His Prophecies

84.  The Septuagint Version of Jeremiah

85.  JEREMIAH.  A Type of Messiah

86.  "The Fourth Year of Jehoiakim" (Jer. 25:1) Being Supplementary to Ap. 50

87.  "Pharaoh's House in Tahpanhes" (Jer. 43:9)

88.  The Millennial "Sanctuary" and "Oblation" of Ezekiel 40-48

89.  The Visions of Daniel (Chs 7-12) synchronous

90.  The "Times" and numbered "Days" of Dan. 7:25, 8:14, 12:7, 11, 12

91.  The "Seventy Weeks" of Dan. 9:24-27

92.  The References to the Pentateuch by the Prophets

93.  The Alleged "Corruptions" of the Hebrew Text

94.  The Greek Text of the New Testament

95.  The N.T. and the Order of its Books

96.  The Diversity of the Four Gospels

97.  The Unity of the Four Gospels

98.  The Divine Names and Titles in the New Testament

99.  The Two Genealogies of Matthew 1 and Luke 3

100. The Six Marys

101. The Usage of PNEUMA in the N.T.

102. The synonymous Words for "WILL" and "WISH"

103. The First Fulfilment of Prophecy in the N.T.


105. The Usage of Negatives in the N.T.

106. The Synonymous Words for "APPEAR", "APPEARING", &c.

107. The Principle Underlying the Quotations From The O.T.

108. The Synonymous Words for "CHILD", "CHILDREN", &c.

109. The HERODS of The New Testament

110. The Use of PSUCHE in the N.T.

111. The Synonymous Words for "REPENT", "REPENTANCE" &c.

112. The Synonymous Expressions for "KINGDOM"

113. The "KINGDOM" and the "CHURCH"

114. The "Kingdom of Heaven" and the "Kingdom of God"

115. "BAPTIZE", "BAPTISM", &c.

116. The Temptations of Our Lord

117.. The Lord's Knowledge: I. Of the Past  II. Of the Future

118. "IF":  The Various Conditions conveyed by its Use

119. The Fourfold Ministry of our Lord

120. The Synagogue: and Jewish Sects

121. The Synonymous Words for "PREACH"

122. The Synonymous Words for "JUDGE", "CONDENM", &c.

123. The Synonymous Words for "MAN"

124. The Synonymous Words for "OTHER" and "ANOTHER"

125. The Synonymous Words for "PERFECT"

126. The Eight Beatitudes of Matt. 5 and the Eight Woes of Matt. 23

127. The Synonymous Words for "POOR"

128. The Synonymous Words for "SIN", "WICKEDNESS", "EVIL", &c.

129. The Synonymous Words for "WORLD", "EARTH", &c

130. The Synonymous Words for "LIGHT"

131. The Synonymous Words for "HELL"

132. The Synonymous Words for "KNOW", "KNOWLEDGE", &c.

133. The Synonymous Words for "SEE", "LOOK", "BEHOLD", &c.

134. The Synonymous Words for "PRAY" and "PRAYER"

135. The Synonymous Words for "LOVE"

136. The Synonymous Words for "WASH"

137. The Synonymous Words for "WORSHIP"

138. The Double Miracles of Matt. 9:18; Mark 5:22; and Luke 8:41

139. "DEAD" and "THE DEAD"

140. "The Gospel of the Kingdom" and Other "Gospels"

141. The Twelve Apostles

142. "He That Hath Ears To Hear, Let Him Hear"

143. "Have Ye Not Read?"

144. The "Three Days" and "Three Nights" of Matt. 12:40

145. The Eight Parables of Matt. 13

146. "The Foundation of the World”

147. "Thou art Peter" (Matt. 16:18)

148. "The Third Day"

149. The Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-8, &c)

150. "BELIEVE":  The Use of the Word in various Connections, &etc.


152. The Healing of the Blind Men at Jericho

153. The Two entries into Jerusalem

154. "What think ye of Christ?"

155. The Two Great Prophecies of "the End of the Age"(Luke 21; and Matt. 24, Mark 13)

156. "Six Days before the Passover"

157. The Three Suppers

158. The Two Anointings

159. "This is My Body"

160. The Denials of Peter

161. The Purchase of the Potter's Field (Matt. 27:6--10)

162. The Cross and Crucifixion

163. The Inscriptions on the Cross

164. The "Others" Crucified With The Lord

165. The Hours Of The Lord's Last Day

166. The Sequence Of Events Following The Lord's Resurrection

167. The Three Commissions

168. The Last Twelve Verses of Mark's Gospel


170. The Synonymous Words for "LIFE"

171. The Synonymous Words for "SLEEP"

172. The Synonymous Words for "POWER", &etc.

173. "TO-DAY" (Luke 23:43)

174. The Synonymous Words for "SEND", "SENT", &etc.

175. The Synonymous Words for "TRUE"

176. The Eight "SIGNS" in John's Gospel

177. The Synonymous Words for "JUDGMENT"

178. The Synonymous Words for "RAISE", "RESURRECTION", &etc.

179. Parallel Datings of the Times of our Lord

180. Chronology &c. of the "Acts" Period

181. The Dispensational Position of the Book of Acts

182. The Lord's Brethren

183. "This is That" (Acts 2:16)

184. The Synonymous Words for "GRACE", &c.

185. The Formulae of Baptism in "ACTS" and The Epistles (in relation to Matt. 28:19,20)

186. CHURCH (Gr. Ekklesis)

187. The Burying of The Patriarchs (Acts 7:15, 16)

188. "Another King" (Acts 7:18, 19)


190. The Synonymous Words for "SERVANT", "SERVE", &c

191. "JUST", "JUSTIFY", &c

192. The Pauline Epistles

193. The MYSTERY

194. "The Spirits in Prison" (1 Peter 3:19)

195. The Different Ages and Dispensations of God's Dealings with Men



198. The Eternal Purpose




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